Tallaght Cancer Support Group

Welcome to Tallaght Cancer Support Group


A survey was conducted in the South County Dublin Area to ascertain the need for a cancer support group. There was an obvious need throughout the area.


Tallaght Cancer Support Group was founded in February 2007. The support centre is operating 6 years and it is a place where many people touched by cancer and their family and friends are finding support in a caring, confidential and welcoming environment. We look forward to continuing this service in to the future and we are very grateful for the generous support and financial help that has been given to us by the local people, local businesses and many people from outside the area. This generosity enables us to bring comfort to many.


We encourage healing through friendship and support. Although it may take a lot of courage to come to the Centre for the first time, it can, however, be a big step on the road to complete recovery.

Our services are not confined to people from Tallaght,
everyone is welcome.

Margaret Dennehy

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